Meet Quido, the elephant!

Meet Quido,
the cutest

Quido is the cutest elephant of all elephants. He doesn’t like to live in the jungle, nor in the ZOO, he instead loves to travel, he also loves to climb on everything.

Scrollino® Quido and Shapes


Concept & Design by Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin

Learn Shapes with Quido

The short story Quido and Shapes is full of tenderness and fun. In this Scrollino® the kids will meet Quido, who loves to climb on everything. And all the things he climbs on resemble one of the basic shapes. Quido will guide your little ones through his world and together they will enjoy funny situations and learn basic shapes. Available in English, and French.

Bold Design & Witty texts


For children 3yrs and up

The beautifully illustrated Scrollino story Quido and Shapes is especially dedicated to kids. This Scrollino is part of our Kids Collection IN THE ZOO connected by the topic kids love the most – the ANIMALS. Great for preschoolers and first graders who are just about to learn shapes, but fun for all who loves to read and play.

Learn Shapes

Scrollino® is the innovative concept of the rewinding book. A simple pencil is all you need to enjoy your Scrollino at length. This Scrollino® has a dual-rewinding system, a Scrollino box with a “viewing screen,” and a paper roll printed with the illustrated story.

Fun and

Now, you know that Scrollino is exciting, fun, and inspiring but did you know it is also fully recyclable and 100% compostable? Well yeah, it is, thanks to the organic, yet high-quality materials we use. Personally, we consider Scrollino a precious and beautiful book object which can inspire your little ones for a long time to come, so you may never want to throw it away. But one never knows, so we made sure Scrollino will not make any unwanted waste in the future. Have a look here to see this Scrollino in all its beauty.

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Created by Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin

Scrollino® is the revolutionary book form and editorial concept offering a playful experience to all dreamers big and small. A simple pencil is all you need to read, rewind, or even to write in your Scrollino®.

Dreamed up and created by the founding artists of Edition Lidu, Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin.

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