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Terms & Conditions


Version: October 17th, 2020

Terms & Conditions

article 1: Preamble

Your contract partner for all purchase and orders made through this website and online shop is SCROLLINO registered in the Trade Register of the Czech Republic (Prague) as follows:

Scrollino s.r.o.
Skolská 689/20
Nové Mesto, 110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic
IC/ID: 08616931 | DIC: CZ08616931
and from here forth referred to as SCROLLINO.

article 2: Responsibility for Online Offers

SCROLLINO holds the responsibility for all articles and designs within the entire website

SCROLLINO holds the responsibility for the general set up of the online shop at

article 3: Purchase and Payment

To purchase Scrollino and other items, customers have multiple possibilities.

A – Online Purchase – Credit or Debit Cards, PayPal Service

Customers can purchase books and other items by SCROLLINO online on the website The customer can view the order in the Shopping Cart. If the customer wishes to remove any item from the Cart, it is possible by clicking on the “X” next to the title of the selected item. Before checkout the customer has to fill in all the necessary billing and delivery information and choose their preferred payment and delivery method.

The customer will see the total price of the order which includes the postage and packaging costs before checkout. The customer will then be redirected to the secured PayPal Payment service to complete the purchase. To pay, the customer can use an existing Paypal account or pay with a credit or debit card as a PayPal guest.

All payments are made through the secure PayPal service. SCROLLINO does not receive and does not collect credit card information.

B – Online Orders – Bank transfer

Customers can also place an online order on the website and choose Bank transfer as the payment method. The customer will see the total price of the order which includes the postage and packaging costs. To complete the order, the customer has to fill in all the necessary billing and delivery information and choose the preferred payment method (Bank transfer) and delivery method. After confirming the order, the customer will find the payment information on the website and will be invited to proceed with the payment by bank transfer.
SCROLLINO reserves the right to restrict the payment method available to customers based on the order value, shipping region or other objective criteria. If the manner of payment selected by the customer is not feasible, despite SCROLLINO
having agreed to accept payment by a Bank transfer,

most often because the bank account balance is too low to cover the costs of the order or the data submitted is false, the customer is held responsible for all costs incurred from a third party’s involvement in resolving the payment.
SCROLLINO reserves the right to use a third party to handle the transfer of payments. In the case that a third party is employed for the payment process, the payment process is completed only when the payment as stipulated by the third party is paid in full, so that the third party can then transfer this amount without reservations to SCROLLINO.
The goods will be sent only after receiving the total payment by the customer.

C – Purchase in Person

Customers can also purchase our books and items directly in person during our public events (exhibitions, fairs, workshops, etc.).

The payment of the purchase has to be made in cash or by credit or debit card in Euro or the legal currency of the country where the public event takes place.

D – Other Points of Sales

Books and other products by SCROLLINO can be also purchased in other points of sales (Museums, Galleries, Bookstores, Designshops, etc.) which are listed on the website

This kind of purchase is the subject of Terms and conditions of each point of sale. SCROLLINO is not responsible for any discrepancies resulting from the point of sale.

E – Downloadable products

Customers can also purchase a downloadable product. If an activation key or other information is needed the customer will find it in their customer account on the website The customer has to take good care of the activation key and other information pertaining to the downloadable product. We recommend printing it out and storing it in a safe place. If the customer loses the activation key, he/she has to buy a new one in order to be able to use the downloadable product.

By purchasing and using a downloadable product (CD, DVD, Apps, Program, PDF, epub, ibook, ebook, etc.), the customer agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for any commercial or non-commercial purposes any content of the downloadable product, otherwise it may lead to prosecution, except as specifically authorized in a written agreement by SCROLLINO.

article 4: Delivery / Shipping

The goods will be sent immediately after SCROLLINO receives the payment from the customer via Bank transfer or PayPal service (credit or debit card).
The goods will be sent via La Poste (France) or Ceská Posta Company (Czech Republic) according availability. The customer can choose a preferred delivery method with an estimation of the delivery time before checkout/the order is confirmed. Shipments should arrive within three weeks of mailing. Usually, most goods are shipped in a shorter time and arrive within three weeks.
If the shipment is not received within three weeks of the order or purchase being confirmed and paid for, the customer should inform SCROLLINO about the delay by e-mail at sales[at]

SCROLLINO will trace the package with the particular postal company. If the package is not successfully traced within the following 3 weeks from the customer notifying SCROLLINO
of its absence, the customer is entitled the right of return. This must be exercised immediately by using the form in the menu RETURNS on the website Customers do not have the right of damage compensation for delays in delivery.
If the payment method chosen by the client for handling returns is not feasible, despite being carried out by SCROLLINO in accordance with the contract, due to the submission of incorrect data or other circumstances, the customer must reimburse SCROLLINO or the third-party instructed by SCROLLINO to handle the payment of the additional costs thereby incurred.

article 5: Warranty

All articles and designs within the website are subject to 12 months limited warranty except for regular abrasion or damage caused by inadequate treatment by the customer. In SCROLLINO each item has been carefully produced and shipped, but despite that some discrepancies may occur. In the event that the goods are damaged during delivery or are incomplete, the customer has the right of return. For Conditions for Right of Withdrawal see article 7.

The customer is invited to describe the discrepancies by filling out and sending the PDF form to SCROLLINO, and by returning the goods at the latest within 1 week of their delivery. A PDF form can be downloaded here. Return shipping is paid for by the customer.

article 6: Liability Limitations

Unless indicated otherwise, all products by SCROLLINO are not children’s toys and are not suitable for children younger than 3 years old. If products by SCROLLINO are used by children younger than 3 years old it must be under the supervision of parents or other responsible adult. All articles and designs within the website are produced with special care and are harmless when used properly. If a product includes components which may cause harm, it is marked on the product or its package.

The customer is obliged to read the directions of use of each product if included. SCROLLINO takes no responsibility for injury to life or health by using our products. SCROLLINO does claim responsibility for damages caused by SCROLLINO or its business partners (e.g. shipping providers) that are premeditated or resulting from gross neglect or intentional harm.

article 7: Conditions for Right of Withdrawal

I. Customers according to German Civil Code § 13 can withdraw from the contract concluded with SCROLLINO within 14 days without giving reason. Withdrawal must be in writing in order to be effective, or else the goods may be returned to SCROLLINO. The period starts upon receipt of the goods. Declaration of withdrawal or the return of goods has to be filled in and return to SCROLLINO. A PDF form can be downloaded here.

II. In of the event of a effective withdrawal, all subject matter resulting from the contract’s fulfillment need to be returned. With the successful exercise of withdrawal, the customer is obliged to return the goods if parcel delivery is possible. The customer is responsible for bearing the costs resulting from returning the goods, and the goods in question must be in a condition in accordance with what had been ordered. There will be no additional charge for returning goods.

article 8: Data Protection

SCROLLINO holds the right to electronically save and process all customer information necessary regarding the business partnership with SCROLLINO for fulfilling the business contract.

SCROLLINO does not exchange or use customer data with its business partners.

article 9: Area of Jurisdiction

The area of jurisdiction for all contentions of the contract between the customer and SCROLLINO is Prague, Czech Republic. SCROLLINO holds the right to raise or initiate customer actions or other legal proceedings internationally.

SCROLLINO operates under the Czech jurisdiction, for all orders including orders made outside Czech Republic.

article 10: Partial Nullity

In the case that a single clause of the Terms and Conditions is nullified, the remaining clauses stay valid. Nullified clauses are replaced by a following legal provision.

By ordering and purchasing items on the website, the customer agrees that he/she has read and understood our Terms and Conditions, Privacy policy and Delivery information.

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