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the dots with

Connecting the dots games are a fun way for children to learn how to draw and to practice counting, but imagine it in a completely new format that Scrollino offers.

Scrollino® ZOO by Dots


Concept & Design by Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin

Fun and

Connecting dots games are such grateful activities for children, but what about surprising your children with the most exciting way of experiencing these activities with our new Scrollino® ZOO by Dots. Thanks to the interactivity of the Scrollino design connecting dots becomes way more interesting. And the bold colors and lovely illustrations make these games much more appealing to kids of all ages.

Learning through play


For children 6yrs and up

Scrollino® ZOO by Dots is part of our beautifully illustrated IN THE ZOO Collection connected by the topic kids love the most – the ANIMALS. This Montessori like Scrollino will help your little ones to learn how to draw and to practice counting. As well as awake the curiosity and imagination and develop their fine motor skills.

the Dots

By pulling down the paper lip little by little you will reveal a new dot game every time. Connect the dots with the pencil every time to complete each game and guess what kind of animal you have just discovered. Wish to start over, simply erase your drawings and connect the dots again.


Now, you know that Scrollino is exciting, fun, and inspiring but did you know it is also fully recyclable and 100% compostable? Well yeah, it is, thanks to the organic, yet high-quality materials we use. Personally, we consider Scrollino a precious and beautiful book object which can inspire your little ones for a long time to come, so you may never want to throw it away. But one never knows, so we made sure Scrollino will not make any unwanted waste in the future. Discover more details about the Scrollino® ZOO by Dots.

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Created by Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin

Scrollino® is the revolutionary book form and editorial concept offering a playful experience to all dreamers big and small. A simple pencil is all you need to read, rewind, or even to write in your Scrollino®.

Dreamed up and created by the founding artists of Edition Lidu, Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin.

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Även om det inte finns tillräckligt med bevis för att bevisa att cialis läs detta är effektivt mot ED, är tadalafil ett populärt val vid behandling av ED. Innan du använder något läkemedel är det dock viktigt att prata med din läkare och kontrollera med din läkare för att säkerställa att det inte kommer att vara skadligt för ditt tillstånd.