Scrollino, Pizza & Gelato

Pizza & Gelato

For the final festival in our June journey, Scrollino was off to the Mediterranean coast in Genoa Italy, with sun, good food, surf, and a very special location…

Letizia Iannaccone at Cotonfioc, Italy


Photo Credits: Laura Garcia, 2018

What could this very special location be, you ask? Cotonfioc 2018 was held in the former psychiatric hospital of Genoa, Italy, with its sunny courtyards and arched open-air hallways making for a convivial and refreshing atmosphere in the Italian summer heat. The festival all but took over the space, with rooms filled with art installations and workshops, hallways decorated with impressive murals, live music in one courtyard, and food options in another – from Genovese specialties to traditional Japanese onigiri (rice balls) and takoyaki (octopus balls) and more.

How could an atmosphere get any better than that, you ask? With all the independent publishers, artists and crafters participating in the festival! Each one had something unique to show and sell, including handmade goods, innovative products, and self-published zines, books and notebooks – there was surely something for everyone! Many a friendship was struck up between creators, creating a real convivial atmosphere of unity between people from all over Italy and Europe – Scrollino® was honored to be able to take part in such a warm and welcoming festival full of wonderful people.

& Talks

Check out the highlights below!

Cotonfioc Festival Genoa


Artwork: Giulio Vesprini

Cotonfioc is the Genoese festival entirely dedicated to the visual arts, independent publishing, and self-production. Born with the ambitious goal of decentralizing artistic fervor by giving a new value to peripheral urban contexts. This year the event occupied the former Psychiatric Hospital of Genoa Quarto dei Mille and left behind among others a beautiful mural by Italian street artist Giulio Vesprini with Walk-the-Line (on the photo).

Gli Altri


The exhibition, Genoa, Italy

The program accompanying the Cotonfioc festival in Genoa was full oftalks, workshops, and exhibitions. The main exhibition “Gli Altri – Visto da vicino, nessuno è normale” included thirty artworks dealing with the delicate theme of mental illness, the concept of “other” and that of “normality”.The exhibition presented original posters created by the use of various techniques such as illustration, abstract graphics, photography or collage.

Scrollino Origami


Bestseller in Genoa

Cotonfioc festival proved us again, that Italians love playful design. The Scrollino Origami was definitely the hit of the event. Beautifully designed Scrollino offers over 6 feet / 2 meters of patterned origami paper with folding instructions. Explore the details of this Scrollino in our Online Shop.

Cotonfioc Festival

Genova Italy 2018

The festival

Cotonfioc Festival
June 22-24, 2018
Ex ospedale psichiatrico
Genova, Quarto dei Mille

Organised by

Cotonfioc Festival


Favini, Printaly




GLI ALTRI – curated by Gossypium Ass. Culturale / ALCHEMICA – curated by Alkanoids / WALLGÄNGER – curated by FICHTRE & Mathias Forbach

Organizers & Collaborators

Francesca Sperti, Jacopo Oliveri-Fatomale, Al Majak, Manila Zangari, Elvira Moretti, Ludovica Pellizzetti, Sara De Martino, Marina Bozzano, Rossella Soro, Corinna Trucco and Laura Garcia

Photo Credits

Cotonfioc Festival, Margherita Bonsano, Diletta Nicosia, Laura-Garcia and Stephanie Kuersten, 2018

Publishers & Designers

Agrumi Studio / Alex Raso / Alice Piaggio / Alkanoids / Allegra Fregosi (Take It Slow) / Anna Fietta / Associazione Linkinart (Walk The Line) / Babel Tag / Benedetta C. Vialli / BohNoBeh! / Bolo Paper / Bronzo | Butes Autoproduzioni / Carneplastico / Chicks The Zine / Claudia Pastori / Cunegattì & Venerandì / Dick of the day / Diorama Editions / Scrollino & Edition Lidu / Fatto Ameno / Filippo Fontana / Forestæ / Francesca Biasetton / Francesca Pardini (Frenchi) / Friends Make Books / Giulia Pastorino / GRAM Publishing / Homie House Press / Illustratore Italiano / In the bush / Irene Servillo / Lino’s & Co. / K28 Sick Creativity / Kalibù Artecraft / Lahar Magazine / La Vee / Luigi Leuce / Maria Martini / Market Cafè Magazine / Melkio / Myau Zine / Officina Typo / Paccottiglia / Papê / PELO / PICA / Rebigo – Studio di Illustrazione / Resli Tale / Sergio Olivotti / Skate’n’Love / Sottobosco Terrarium / Spazienne / St*mina / Sunday Büro / Tazi Zine / Things That / Tuss Edizioni / Ventuno

Exhibited Artists

Davide Baroni / Lucia Biancalana / Federica Carioli / Mario Cavuto / Marco De Masi / Emiliano Fadda / Marta Fofi / Giovanni Gastaldi / Erika Lerma / Camille Lévêque / Daniela Lindiri / Ina Lounguine / Maria Martini / Ilenia Martorella / Silvia Mauri / Carlotta Mazuy / Fausto Montanari / Giulia Pastorino / Alice Piaggio / Ilaria Pitteri / Luna Poggi / Daniele Porcari / Mattia Salvà / Davide Bart Salvemini / Alessandro Santoro / Stefano Stecchelli ( ToNowhere Studio) / Daniel Trudu / Vincenzo Ventura / Enrico Visani + Ronni Campana (SMV – Studio Moretti Visani) / Paolo Voto
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Scrollino, Pizza & Gelato

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